About Me

For the past decade I have volunteered at many local Animal Shelters and Humane Societies, primarily assisting with anxious and aggressive behavior in need of additional training. Currently, I work closely along side Paws for Life and the Heber City Utah Animal Shelter. My love for animals was evident at a very young age, and the passion eventually led me to begin fostering dogs several years ago.

Working around a variety of breeds and seeing so much potential in each motivated me to step out from the shelter walls and become better educated in the field of animal behavior. I wanted a deeper understanding of the science behind positive techniques used to induce change. Now, as a Licensed Dog Trainer (Certified from Animal Behavior College), I can share my methods with those who want a more fulfilling and balanced relationship with their canine companions.

My techniques are clear and effective because each training session is modified to the individual needs of my clients. Having success with an approach for one dog is not an indicator that it will work for another. It is important for me to understand both handler and dog as well as the dynamic of their relationship. This allows me to tailor all sessions individually to ensure success and prevent the experience from becoming an unnecessarily difficult journey!

Since launching my new Paw and Order – Dog Bite Prevention lecture in the Fall of 2014, I have had the privilege of working with Utah’s police departments educating them on dog body language. It is important for me to bridge the gap of communication between humans and canines to avoid any disastrous outcome for either or both parties. Paw and Order is now expanding into local schools and Boy Scout troops to bring more awareness of how dogs communicate.

I also have the amazing opportunity to work with Veterans suffering from PTSD in need of a therapy dog. The program allows me to help pull dogs from surrounding animal shelters and teach the vets how to train their own canine in order to pass and receive certification so they may go everywhere with them. The bonds built between dog and handler are a privilege sight and I feel honored to be a part of that journey with them.

Working with dogs for a living has to be one of the most rewarding career choices because these animals are by and large a product of their environment. I have found that when we modify our behavior to meet their needs, they will provide years of joy, unconditional love, and obedience. This philosophy (and always having a treat in my pocket) has often led to wonderful success!