Spreading the Yellow Word in Park City!

In one of my past posts “The Yellow Dog Project”, I was ecstatic to come across a program set in place helping bring awareness to unapproachable dogs for a variety of reasons. Park City has since expanded exposure around dog parks, hiking trails, walking paths, etc. During one of my dog training sessions at Willow Creek Park in Park City this week, I came across an even more impressive resource for this program – free yellow bandannas!

Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Providing owners with the proper tools to protect their dogs as well as others around them is the first step in eliminating unnecessary dog bites, attacks, or worse yet – euthanasia’s due to preventable negative encounters. By placing a yellow bandanna, ribbon, or yarn around your dog or on your leash, you are telling others that your dog is not approachable.

My dog, for example, becomes incredibly anxious when other dogs approach him while he is still on lead. Through daily dog training, he is beginning to relax as dogs walk by, however, if an owner allows their free roaming dog to “say hi” to Dontae while he is restrained – the forced interaction often quickly escalates into a brawl. I am a responsible owner aware of my dog’s limits, and The Yellow Dog Project will create awareness for others as well!

Senior dogs, ones recovering or dealing with an injury, and aggressive dogs can also appreciate this program. It is a mistake to assume ANY dog is approachable for you or your canine. Stick with the basics and first ask the owner if their dog is approachable. If not – do not pass judgment on the owner NOR dog! Personal bubbles are not just for humans and should be respected for dogs as well. Each pooch has their own limits based off past experience, a dog’s current physical state, or simply their personality.

BRAVO to The Yellow Dog Project and Park City for taking the right steps in creating a safer environment for both people and dogs alike!

Happy SAFE Training :)

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